Monday, April 20, 2009

Caffeine Junkie Tag

Tags by Kris

For this tutorial you will need

Caffeine Junkie kit by Missy

MASK: Of choice.


Johanna's Filters 2.0
Alien skin Xenofex 2

TUBE: Artist © Amanda Fontaine
Her art is no longer available but I purchased it from AMI

Place your preset shape heart into your preset shapes folder in your PSP files

New Image 500 x 500

Open frame 1
Resize your length to 450 pixels
Copy and paste as new layer
Move over some to the left
Duplicate and mirror

Open WSL_Mask17 or your mask of choice
Choose a paper, I chose paper3
Resize 500 x 500, copy and paste as new layer
Make sure your paper is underneath your frames
Layers-new mask layer- from image
Find WSL_Mask17 (or your mask) and press ok
Layers-Merge-Merge Group

Open Paper2, resize 500 x 500
Copy and paste as new layer (still below your frames)
Get your magic wand and select the inside of one of the frames
Selections - expand - 6
Invert, select your paper layer and press the delete key
Select none.

Do the same with different papers from the kit
Each time a different frame

Open your main tube
Resize it by 65%
Copy and paste as new layer
Move it to your top layer
Drag it down some from the center

Open Bow1
Resize by 65%, then by 80%
Copy and paste as new layer
Move it to your top left frame
Duplicate, mirror and flip

Open flower clip 1
Resize by 50%
Copy and paste as new layer
Free rotate, 90 degrees right
Move to the top right frame

Open flower clip 2
Resize by 50%
Copy and paste as new layer
Free rotate 90 degrees left
and move it to the bottom left frame

Click on your white background layer
Open flower 1
Copy and paste as new layer

Open flower 2
Copy and paste as new layer
Free rotate 45% right

Layers - merge - merge down (only your two flowers)
Adjust - blur - gaussian blur 10
Johann's Filters - Chaos Dissolve - default setting

close off all layers above your frame layer
Click on your mask layer and select your preset heart shape (included in supplies)
Convert to raster layer
Image free rotate left 10%
Duplicate - mirror - Merge down
Duplicate and move to your bottom frames

Make sure they are behind your paper
Select all - float - defloat
Selections - modify - select selection borders
1 - both sides - antialias

Click on your paper layer and duplicate this x2 for a total of three layers
Xenofex 2 Constellation with these settings

Star size 3.49
Size variation 12
Edge Star density 6
Overall Star density 3
Overdrive 100
Twinkle Amount 100
Twinkle rotation 45
Keep original image

Move to the next layer and repeat the settings,
but this time hit the random seed button
and do the same to the next layer

Delete your preset heart layer

Merge your bottom three layers (white bg, flower layer and mask)
Duplicate that x2 (total of three layers)
Pull each layer up underneath your constellation layer
It should look like this

Tags by Kris

Now merge each one down, see my screenshot

Tags by Kris

Close off your layers you just merged
Unhide all the other layers
Add drop shadows (2, 2, 35, 3, black)
Merge visible
Add your copyright information and text

Unhide all layers

Duplicate your top layer x2
Arrange them like we did before
But this time on top of the heart layers
Merge the main tube layer down on each

Now you should have 3 layers total.
Save as a psp animation file.

Open up animation shop
Open up your image you just saved
File - optimization wizard
Next - customize
255 colors
Optimized Octree
Error Diffusion

Save and your done
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

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