Saturday, April 25, 2009

Timeless Love

Tags by Kris

Scrapkit used: Aged Beauty by Tammy
MASK: Of Choice
Artwork: Artist © Nolan Worthington.
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from AMI
Eye Candy Impact 5
VM Sparkle (Sorry don't have a link)
Lokas Aqua

New Image (white bg)

Open Paper 16, resize 500 x 500 px
copy and paste as new layer
Apply your mask
Merge group
Resize by 120%
Image - rotate right

Open Ruffle Frame 2
Resize 450 x 425 px
Copy and paste as new layer

Open diamond heart 1
Resize 400 x 335 px
copy and paste as new layer
Move layer beneath the frame and left
Duplicate, mirror, merge down
Duplicate, flip, merge down
Duplicate, free rotate 45%, resize 95%
merge down

Get your magic wand and select the inside of

the frame
Expand x 20, select your diamond layer
press the delete key
adjust - sharpen

Open Doodle 1, resize it about 40% (use your
duplicate, mirror, merge down
duplicate, flip, merge down
Expand x20, select doodle layer

Open Journal 1
resize 300 x 214
copy and paste as new layer
place below the frame layer
Resize 80%

Open key 2, resize 30%
paste as new layer
free rotate 90%, left

Get your selection circle
draw a circle the size of your inside frame
new raster layer - eye candy impact - glass
Settings - clear

Move below your frame layer
Add your tube layer
Add your text, copyright info and whatever
else you want

Merge visible

Duplicate your merged layer x2 for a total of 3

Get your lasso tool and select the inside of

your glass part
VM natural - sparkle
26, 255, 255, 255, 255, 0

repeat but move your random seed over and do

the same for the last layer

I used Lokas - Aqua
and Random noise 10, 13, and 16

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