Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goth Girls Don't Cry

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kit Used Gingham Bright Purple by Gemini Creationz
Supplies found here
Mask is made by me!
TUBE: Artist © Amanda Fontaine
Her art is no longer available but I purchased it from AMI

This is a quick and easy tut, and requires a basic to intermediate knowledge of PSP

New image white bg 500 x 500 pixels

open GC_frame02p and resize it by 415 x 415

Open tube of choice, resize it by 65% and paste as new layer

Open the wordart provided and paste it as new layer

Open your mask of choice or use the one provided and pick a paper

Apply your mask and select a paper for the inside of the frame

paste as new layer and select the inside of your circle, expand by 5 and invert

Press delete

Add your accents and text and your done

Click on the mask below to find the download link.

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