Friday, May 29, 2009

Starlight, Starbright Tut

Supplies needed
Just another Lullaby by Gemini Creationz (freebie)
Mask by me
Wordart by me

Artist © PinupToons.
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM

New image 500 x 500 white

Open GC_JALB_paper13, resize 500 x 500 pixels
Copy and paste as new layer
Open your mask of choice or you can use the one I created
Apply your mask and then merge group

Open GC_JALB_frame5, resize 30%
Copy and paste as new layer
Move the frame to the left corner
Duplicate the layer and then image, mirror
Paste as new layer again and move in between the two hoops
See my tag for reference

Duplicate the center layer and move it beneath the to side hoops
Select the top center layer, get your eraser tool
Erase one side on each hoop and make it appear as if they loop

Open the GC_JALB_halfmoon
Resize by 15%, Copy
Select the blue paper layer
Paste as new layer
Move image beneath your far left frame

Open your GC_JALB_sheep
Resize by 30%, copy
Click on the top layer
Paste as new layer
Move it to the bottom of your image
See my tag for reference

Open GC_JALB_starstring
Resize 25% and paste over the center frame
Image duplicate, image mirror
Move over to the other side of the center frame

Open GC_JALB_musicnotes
Resize by 60%
Select the blue bg layer
Paste as new layer
Move to the bottom of your image.

Open GC_JALB_starcurtain
Resize by 50%
Get your lasso tool and select one of the strings of stars
Copy and paste as new layer
Move to the center of the frame on the right
Duplicate it and move it up some on either sides
See my tag for reference
Keep duplicating until your happy with the amount you have
Get your eraser tool and erase the part outside of the frame

Open your tube of choice, I'm using the adorable art work of PinupToons
I recolored a little bit and resized by 75%

Add your drop shadow to all your layers and then merge visible

Add your copyright and text and your done.

I also added an additional paper behind my mask because it looked kinda plain
This is optional :)

Thanks for using my tutorial

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