Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fae Love tutorial


TEMPLATE: Template59 by Yvette

SCRAPKIT: Rocker Girl by Dani

Artist © Joel Adams.
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM

Lokas Aqua or Eye Candy Glass
Richard Rosenman - Scanlines

Okay lets begin

Open your template
Shift+D to duplicate, close original
Delete your copyright layer

Select words layer
Open paper 8
Copy, paste as new layer
Select words layer
Select all - float - defloat
Select paper layer
Invert and delete.

Little hearts - black
dotted heart - black
heart - paper 7

Canvas size with the following settings

Add your tube of choice

Open your three hearts
Resize by 20%
Place on top of the black hearts

Open your purple and pink gerber daisy
Resize 50%
Place behind your tube
Duplicate the purple x2 and pink x2
Place them according to my tag

Open double bow 2
Resize by 30%
Copy and paste as new layer

Apply Lokas Aqua to your black hearts
You can also make it glassy with Eye Candy Glass

Close off your background layer
Merge visible
Duplicate your tag
Gaussian Blur 10
Richard Rosenman - Scanlines
Default settings

Merge visible
Add copyright and text

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