Friday, July 10, 2009

Who I Am Tutorial

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Artist © PinupToons.
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM

SCRAPKIT: Adoration by Gemini Creationz


Let's get started.

Open new image 500 x 500
Open GC_Adrn_paper17
Resize by 62%
Copy and paste as new image
Apply the mask provided kls-09-mask14

Open GC_Adoration_frame1 and resize 58%
Copy and paste as new layer on your new image
Now stretch the frame into an oval
Resize again by 75%, be sure that all layers is NOT checked
We just want to resize the frame

Open your silver pattern (included in supplies)
Double click on the foreground color
Find your pattern and use the following settings
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Create new raster layer and move it below your frame
Select your magic wand and select the inside of your frame
Expand by 3 and use your paint bucket to fill in the frame

Open your tube of choice
I’m using the wonderful work of PinupToons
I resized by 95%
Copy and paste as new layer
Position your tube next to your mirror that you created
See my tag for reference.
Image Duplicate
Image Mirror
Lower your opacity to 80%
Select your silver layer
Select all, float, defloat
Invert and delete

Add some elements and the wordart provided if you so desire
Text and of course copyright info if your using a PTU tube
And you’re all done.

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