Monday, July 20, 2009

Tattoo Tutorial


TEMPLATE: SC Designz Scraps Template 2

SCRAPKIT: Pink Grapes by Dorthi Designs

Artist © Keith Garvey.
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from MPT

Okay lets begin
Open your template up in PSP
CTRL+D to duplicate
Resize by 71%

Select your bottom layer
Open Paper1_Dorthi
Copy and paste as new layer
Select your bottom layer
Select all - float- defloat
Select your paper layer
Invert and delete

For the next layer we're going to delete those dots
Open frame11_Dorthi
Resize 64%
Copy and paste as new layer
You may have to adjust so that it's even on your tag

Select the next layer up which is Raster 2
Open Paper20_Dorthi
Copy and paste as new layer
Select all - float- defloat
Select your paper layer
Invert and delete

Repeat this on the other white squares also.

Next select papers for the inside of your frames
Repeat the steps above for each of the gray squares

Leave your staple layers alone

Next is your stars layer
Open a button of choice and two flowers
Resize them by about 10%
Copy and paste as new layers
Arrange them on top of the stars then delete the star layer

Next open your flower band
Resize it by about 25%
Copy and paste as new layer
Rotate by 90%
Place it over the left brackets
Image - duplicate
Image - mirror
Place over the right bracket
Delete the bracket layer

Open your tube of choice
I'm using the fabulous work of Keith Garvey
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer
Position your tube in the frame and then select the smaller paper layer
Select all - float - defloat - invert
Get your eraser tool and erase the bottom part of the tube
Just the part outside of the frame

Do the same with the same tube but enlarge the tube by 120%
Make sure to focus on different parts of the tube for the other frames

Add a few more elements and your drop shadows

Merge visable, add your copyright info and your text &

Your done :-)

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