Friday, July 24, 2009

Learning is a Treasure Tutorial


TEMPLATE: Template #1 by Scraps by CWD

SCRAPKIT: Welcome Spring by Country Hollow Creations

Artist © Daniel Esparza.
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM


PLUGINS: Toadies - Where are you


Okay lets begin.

Open your template
CTRL+D to duplicate
Delete copyright information layer

Go to your tag background layer
Open paper 9
Copy, paste as new layer
Select the tag background layer again
Select all - float - defloat
Select paper layer
Invert and delete
delete the original image layer

Do the same for the following layers

dotted lines - paper 7
circle - paper 4
circle frame - paper 3
rectangle frame and rectangle - delete
mid square - paper 12
mid square frame - paper 3
left square - paper 11
right square - paper 910
right square frame - paper 9
left square frame - paper 2

Open your tube of choice
copy and paste as new layer
Move under the desired frame
Erase the parts on the outside of the frames
Repeat for the other two frames

Open string flower
Resize by 15%
Copy and paste as new layer
See my tag for placement
Do this again but move it to the other frame

Open daffodil resize 27%
See my tag for placement

Insert your wordart
Add your copyright and text

Close off your circle layer and white bg layer
Merge visible
Open up your closed layers
Select circle layer
Select all - float - defloat
merge down
Duplicate x3
Toadies - Where are you - ok
Repeat - change the overdose higher
Repeat - change the overdose even higher

Duplicate your type layer x2
Move one layer on top of the bg layer and merge down
repeat for your other layers
Save as a pspanimation

Open up animation shop
your speed should be about 30
save as a gif and your done

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