Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Artist © PinupToons.
In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM

SCRAPKIT: Bathtime Fun by Tiny D's Designs

MASK: Of Choice

New image 500 x 500
Open paper 17
Copy and paste as new layer
Apply your mask

Open window and curtain
Copy and paste as new layer
Move to the top of your tag
Get your square selection and select the outside of the window
Select the mask layer
New raster layer
Paste into selection
Select none

Open your tube
Resize as needed
Paste as new layer
Arrange - send to top

Open bathtub 1
Resize by about 80%
Copy and paste as new layer
See my tag for placement

Open your bubbles
Resize by about 50%
Copy and paste as new layer
Place on bottom of the tub

Open fishie2
Resize 20%
Copy and paste as new layer
Put on the tub, see my tag

Do the same with the rest of the fishes

Open your puddle swirl
Resize by about 50%
Place under your tub
Lower opacity to about 70%

Add your flooring and other elements
You can't really go wrong with adding anything

Add your copyright and text

Merge visible and your done. :-)

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